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ShoreTel, Inc. was a telecommunications vendor providing unified communications for business. In 2017, the company was acquired by Mitel.

Rose shares her frustrating experience on, "ShoreTel is the absolutely WORST phone system. Calls constantly drop, sometimes I can’t dial out the signal is busy. Customer service is outsourced and cannot help with ANY issues. I cannot stress enough how awful this system is. DO NOT PURCHASE! You will regret it. Customer service is a nightmare. Cannot wait until our contract is up to get a service that works. NOw, our answering machine isn’t working and we are 42nd in line for a callback!"


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Company was acquired; transition was not handled well, particularly for senior-level employees."

Former Employee - Director Competitive Strategy says

"Recent June 2017 layoff had included people who were hired and on board for 90 days or less. Partners that built ShoreTel starting in 1997 are now being cut out of the mix. Recent June 2017 layoff removed all channel partner support. Premise product was once king of the hill but has quickly fallen into a me too category. Cloud product experiences outages constantly, and simply isn't able to compete with firms like 8x8 or RingCentral. Other competitors are growing at double digit rates while ShoreTel shrinks in size and is still unprofitable. Company went public in 1997 or so and the stock has been stuck in the six dollar range for a decade. Multiple rounds of layoffs and focus on "Master Agents" like ScanSouce and Telarus are selling cloud direct and cutting out the channel partners that made ShoreTel what it was. This company is an also ran, and will either be bought or simply fade from existence. Unprofitable, not growing revenue, and shrinking headcount. The tell tale signs of a dying company."

Current Employee - Anonymous says

"There has been not so pleasant changes including multiple reorgs in less than a year. Employees are leaving the company at an increased rate. Removing the PTO policy and putting in place an R&R policy was a sneaky way of freeing up cash for the company. Many of the experience and good employees are leaving and there are people in management positions that seem to have no prior experience. This used to be a good place to work! Many positions are underpaid causing many to only see this place as a stepping stone in their career path."

Former Employee - Anonymous Former Employee says

"The kool-aid is actually laced with insincerity, inept management with no technical knowledge that continues to hire and promote its buddies, and a product that is circling the drain quality wise. Departments don't talk to each other because each hides behind aloof leadership that is unconcerned with the details, the distance and language barrier between are also problematic. The entire engineering and support operation is being moved to India under the guise of expansion."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Exec staff just can't accept the reality of how long it takes to get things done - they think unrealistic schedules are motivational Shipping all the development over to India so they are losing US based engineers at a rapid rate"


"Executive and upper management is running the company into the ground. Engineering department is full of corner cutting, jobs are being moved to India. Incredible amount of bureaucracy and ineptitude is causing most of the talented engineers to flee."

Current Employee - Senior Software Engineer says

"Engineering culture has been trashed. Over the 2 year reign of the current CEO everything intangible that built this company is being dismantled. The business side has finally hit its stride but the technical side is feigning to support the business when it is actually crumbling. People who built the company were pushed out the door in many different manners and replaced by technical/cultural nincompoops. Other good people are openly looking for jobs elsewhere. The new culture cuts corners and imposes fear across the dev and test group. It is like the living dead in here."

Former Employee - Anonymous says

"Salary is not aligned with workload therefore salary employees are severely taken advantage of! It is almost impossible to receive a pay raise and they currently have some (not all) very unprofessional direct managers, along with an inconsistent, unprofessional HR Dept. The career growth is a joke, although they claim to make it a priority to see their employees advance! The leadership teams/VPs to not seem to understand how their own departments operate on a day to day basis. The current CEO strives on the attrition rate however at this point I see that falling yet again in the near future for there are way too many great employees overlooked and who continue to feel unappreciated for their hard work."

Sales Representative, Training/Developer (Former Employee) says

"The management was horrible and still is. Drugs were used by many and mostly the management. The main guy was always anger and didn't have respect for his employess."

Engineering Manager (Current Employee) says

"Will never recommend any body to work at ShoreTel. Product managers are jokers who don't know what is required in the product. They want to boil the whole ocean but never can show any ROI for any product they ask. (NEVER). Development leaders are Liars and do every thing possible to sweep dirt under the rug. QA Leader was never there in the office. Overall, bad company....Good EngineersBad upper management, Liars"

No longer employed there for good reason (Former Employee) says

"No work/life balance by any means, although they claim to strive for it. The best decision I have ever made was to leave this company. Example: I was averaging about 11.00 an hr and I signed an offer (salary) that averaged about 23.00 an hour - do the math! Not worth it - and believe me the managers do not see any wrong doing in this, nor does HR. Good Luck!N/aSalary, Management, work/life balance, HR staff, Training, and all of the above"

Sales rep (Former Employee) says

"Management and co workers were very rude and the job was very hard to do. Understanding the product and explaining to product to someone else is very hard to do.Potluck lunches and commissionMean management and underestimated employees"

Call Center Agent (Former Employee) says

"this is a good place to get experience but there is not much room for moving up. The pay is minimum wage only and raises are rare. The hardest part is when protocol gets changed on you and that happens often. The work place culture is for those young of heart and mind. I would not recommend this place if you are of soft coffeeno healthcare offer, no raises, short breaks, no bonuses, no vacation"

Administrative Assistant HR, Front office (Former Employee) says

"The company at the time was still trying to figure out what direction it wanted to go into . If you’re barely starting out as an executive administrator this would’ve been a good opportunity to hone your skills"

Software Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Worked for two years. I was a software engineer. Projects were not great. Management could've been way better. Work-life balance is good but no growth. No innovation.Great work-life balanceNo growth"

Sr. Product Manager (Current Employee) says

"Constant downsizing Folks got promoted to managers with no management skills Company wastes too much money on useless employee travel and activities and pays employees minimal salary too much politic and finger pointing cultureGood benefits and lot of good peopleManagers have zero people management skills, a lot of politics for such a small company"

Senior Performance/Load Test Engineer (Former Employee) says

"It has a friendly environment. There are always some snacks."

Inside Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"Great company to start working for in 2011 but as they moved to cloud, it became somewhat chaotic as they kept re-branding themselves constantly. Sales fell off as time progressed, partners were unhappy and revenue dropped. Acquired by Mitel in September of 2017 and half of workforce had been laid off and then they laid off all remote workers in the company.Great benefitsUnrealistic targets, unpredictable sales, laid off remote workers, chaotic work environment before takeover."

Training Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Worked very hard and received multiple MVP awards. Went thru an extensive interview process and won the job. Last minute I was asked to go to Texas permanently. Ultimately was told the company hired someone else in the Texas location. I felt very much so cheated of a fabulous job that I earned and won, to have it all taken away from me."

Technical Lead II, Switch Control (Former Employee) says

"Nice working environment Nice colleagues Good company culture - many cultural events to celebrates holidays, festivals, welcome/farewell, company anniversaries, etc."

Partner Business Manager (Former Employee) says

"ShoreTel introduced a new platform two years ago, focusing on UCaaS and departing from their signature onsite product. Over the past two years, we have worked to move our Partners from a CapEx model to a CapEx model. We also focused on moving Partners from a direct model to a VAD model. Because of these changing models, ShoreTel chose to eliminate Channel positions and move these positions to the VAD. They also publically announced the formation of an Advisory Committee that is deciding if ShoreTel will remain whole, sell to a publically traded company, sell to a venture capitalist or sell off portions of their business. Despite all of these distractions, I was able to maintain focus and remain on quota. I have been through many reorganizations over my 12+ years, and have always managed to remain employed and even get promoted. This time however, the focus is on growing the UCaaS business through Master Agents, and no longer through the VARs. The culture is changing and I got caught in the latest reorganization.Ability to work remoteConstant instability"

Manager (Current Employee) says

"Communication and collaboration are almost non-existent. I interact with my management maybe a couple times a month. There is no delegation, no career growth."

Telemarketer/Sales (Former Employee) says

"It's a bitter sweet place to work. The job itself is not bad. Just terrible management and environment. Would consider going back if management was changed.Pay rate, incentives, spiffManagement attitude"

Test Engineering Manager (Former Employee) says

"Unrealistic goals and many personnel changes led to uncertainty and eventual takeover by Mitel. Detailed review is now obsolete as a new corporate culture takes hold."

Solution Architect (Former Employee) says

"Senior Management was in over their heads in converting to a cloud company. Exceptional Field personnel. Good strategy but poor execution and loss of dedication to excellence."

TECHNICAL WRITER (Current Employee) says

"Good company for employees who want to learn. Friendly atmosphere Good work culture Flexible timing Wellness reimbursement benefits Work from home facility conducts training for learningflexible timingmicro level monitoring, no cabs"

Anonymous (Current Employee) says

"Management changes over the past 18 months have improved the overall culture and attitude. Regardless, internal and external expectations are still misaligned with current staffing levels and product quality.Work/life balance is non-existent ("resistance is futile"). Declare your allegiance to Orange or be's not matching 401k, startup mentality"

Director, Customer Support (Former Employee) says

"A great place to work for many years with many opportunities for advancement. However, the culture changed dramatically over the last few years with poor management and lack of focus."